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We do wholesale Country Hart's patterns
andwe wouldlove to hear from you
if you are interested
we have a 
 minimum is 3 of each pattern ordered
you can order by

I do have a limited number of Origional Samples which I am more than happy to lend out on a short term basis to help you promote and sell Country Hart Patterns.


In order to be eligible to borrow Country Hart Samples you will initially need to place an order for a minimum of 15 assorted patterns.

Once you have established yourself as a Country Hart Stockist you will only need to place orders of 10 assorted patterns to borrow samples

These patterns can be an assortments of patterns they do not have to be all the same.


Only 3 samples at any one time may be borrowed

Samples will be sent via registered post or courier and have tracking numbers you will be required to send them back the same way


Samples can be borrowed for a maximum of 6 weeks unless otherwise arranged

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